My training log

Forcefully Advancing

No Excuses Workout

No Excuses Workout

First Round

Burpees x 60 seconds
Pull-ups x 60 seconds
Squats x 60 seconds
Pushups x 60 seconds

Second Round

Burpees x 45 seconds
Pull-ups x 45 seconds
Squats x 45 seconds
Pushups x 45 seconds

Third Round

Burpees x 30 seconds
Pull-ups x 30 seconds
Squats x 30 seconds
Pushups x 30 seconds

Fourth Round

Burpees x 15 seconds
Pull-ups x 15 seconds
Squats x 15 seconds
Pushups x 15 seconds

When performing this workout, you will move from one exercise to the next without stopping. There is no rest in between rounds.

If you become stuck with an exercise, rest briefly and do your best to continue. If you run out of gas on the pull-up bar, try to hang from the bar for the remaining time, rather than sitting down to rest.

This workout can be performed 1 to 3 days per week depending on your condition and weekly workload. This workout is just one of many that is featured in the Never Gymless text. A complete 50 day program is also included, with details on how to construct a routine specific to your goals.



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