My training log

Forcefully Advancing


General Training Information and Research

Extensive Exercise and Muscle Directory

An Online Examination of Human Anatomy and Physiology

HIIT For Fat Loss

Moderate-Intensity Continuous Activity vs. High-Intensity Intermittent Activity:

Westside For Skinny Bastards Part III:

Hand Balancing Courses: … yorkhb.htm

Javorek Complex Info:

The Road To HIT is Paved with Good Intentions:

Cable Training: … Training-2

Strength Training For Women: … eb2008.pdf

The End of “Periodization” in the Training of High Performance Sport … zation.pdf

The Well-Rounded Workout: An Introduction to Medicine Ball Training

Sandbag Exercise Manual … cises_.pdf

Medicine Ball Stuff … andout.pdf

Coach Dan John, From the GRound up! Free beginners Weightlifting manual!

Combat Grip [“When Your Life is on the Line” (Rich Walker, CSCS, MM1)] … 20Grip.pdf

Dowel-Band Training for the Trunk [By Dave Schmitz]

The Crossfit Journal [The Garage Gym] … _Sep02.pdf

Dragging the Line (sled dragging info) … rticle.pdf

Introduction to Sled Dragging [Part I (By Todd Wilson)]

Sled Dragging Part II [The Fundamentals (By Todd Wilson)]

Drag Your Butt Into Shape [General Physical Preparedness: Westside Style (By Dave Tate)] … SBGpp.html

Beyond the Norm: Advanced Questions from Advanced Trainers and Nutritionists: … henorm.pdf

Strong posterior chain … 20Book.pdf

Training Routines (links to another message board, recommend by one of our readers): … 54463.aspx

Houston Texans Training Manual: … 010703.pdf

Flexibility Tutorials: … lexibility

Information Regarding Rehab and Recovery

Injured, Now What? (Full book from Google books): … frontcover

The minimal equipment guide to rehabilitation training: … ining.html

Shoulder rehab: … ation.html

Calf and Low back: … -rehab.htm

Shin Splints: … atment.htm

More Shin Splint Info:

Rehab For Tennis Elbow:

Patellar tendinitis: … endon.html

Clicking hip (snapping hip syndrome): … g-hip.html

Runners Knee … g-hip.html

Self-myofascial release:

Soft Tissue Work:

Sports Injury Handbook: … ndbook.pdf

Active Rehabilitation: … tation.php

Pulled Muscles, Scar Tissue and Re-Injury: … tissue.php

Self-Myofascial Release: … Roller.pdf

Recovery and Regeneration: … ronger.pdf

Groin strain rehab program:

Ankle Rehab … _rehab.pdf

Sport Injury Info:

More Sport Injury Info:

Supplementation Research

Creatine research regarding use without weight gain

Clinical Pharmacology of the Dietary Supplement Creatine Monohydrate … l/53/2/161

Homemade Training Ideas and Equipment

Homemade Training Equipment


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